ChatGPT - Homepage - default GPT-3.5
Kagi - decent search engine - ~$10/month
Marginalia - alt search site

Google Maps
Google Scholar

njarboe work

Reddit Spacex
Reddit Space
Rocket Launch Schedule
Reddit Aberoth

Mr Money Mustache
Slate Star Codex
Wait But Why
Paul Graham
Joel on Software
Celestial Objects in Time Schedule
Wex Health Cobra - email is username
Cost Plus Drugs - Public Benifit Corp founded by Mark Cuban to sell drugs inexpensively
Worldle - Country/state/territory guessing game.
Tradle - Guess the country by its export types and values - very fun
Kagi sign up - Use supported search in Beta. Got this invite code. Not sure if it will keep working.
DeepL Translator - Alternative to Google
The Autopian

Fire Info
Zonehaven evac maps - live updated evacuation maps around Challenge
Cal Fire Incident Map - Cal Fire map with links to more info on each fire - Great site for wind maps and other overlays like PM2.5

Dark Site Finder
Light Pollution Map
Buy Me a Coffee - Single donation site for creators. This is great as I don't like signing up for a subscription to pay a creator most times, like on Patreon.

Google Contributor

Ski Info
Sunlight partner resorts
4 Aspen mountains
Epic local pass info
Aspen Valley Pass - 7 days, no blackouts, locals only

Ski Maps
Sunlight maps
Aspen Mountain (Ajax)

News Pages
WSJ - newspaper layout
New York Times
South China Morning Post - Hong Kong - Owned by Alibaba
The Hill
The Intercept
Washington Post

News Aggregators
Hacker News
Drudge Report
Goggle News
Legible News

Coldwell Banker/Mason Morse login - Maria Wimmer
Carbondale apts
Carbondale office
Web payments working group
Apple support: 1-800-275-2273 (Nice hold music options) - Good info about COVID
COVID 19 hospital copacity - Nation wide hopital bed and ICU occupancy
Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates - Today's and Historical rates.
Mac keyboard shortcuts
NY Times Lockdown Map
Spot the Station - When and where to see the space station in the sky.
Intro Regular Expression - Very simple and clear
Caltrans road closure map
Yuba and Sutter County burn day info
Purple Air Nor Cal
Cars, Truck, Mototcycles, etc
3rd Gen 4Runner Buyers Guide -
Good info on what to look for and problem spots for the thrid gen (1996-2002) 4Runner, published 2011
How to read 1970 Ford truck VIN
Ford F-Series (fifth generation) - 1966-1972
Ford F-Series (sixth generation) 1973-1979
Ford Truck Disc Break Info Disc an option Starting 1968 for F-250, F-100 and all others have discs starting in 1973.
Infiniti G35 - Manual. autoTEMPEST search

Browser Extensions
New Tab Redirect - Sets your new window and tab to what you want in Chrome, not the Google home page. No bullshit.
Personal Info Pages
Chal - Info/links Challenge area
Electric Car Info
Other Links

Computer Stuff
Android Beta
Retail Sites - Good place for lightbulbs - wired types and incandecent